KACESORY - Talibah

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These pieces are Egypt-inspired design.

With the Blue-Eyed Evil Eye charm, it is believed to help protect the wearer from evil eyes, negative energies, nullifying unwell intentions from others and reflect the power of evil glares back to the caster. 

Lapis Lazuli [Natural Shape]

- Represents wisdom, spirituality, inner peace and enlightenment
- Protection from psychic attacks
- Brings deep peace, harmony and compassion
- Aids in opening the mind and reveals inner truth, self-awareness and self-expression

Freshwater Pearl

- Represents wisdom, purity, beauty and generosity
- Brings good luck and calmness
- Aids in balancing karma and strengthening relationships
- Helps to connect with your heart chakra and Third Eye Chakra

Material used: Stainless Steel & Resin

- Every gemstone / crystal is unique and of different shapes and forms
- Every piece is 100% handmade with love, hence, no piece is the same
- If a particular piece attracts you, it’s meant for you :)