Kaceique | keɪs·ɪːk And that's how you pronounce it!

// overview //

Hellooooo everyone!

Kaceique was created in Oct 2018 and is officially launched on 1 Mar 2020.

At Kaceique, we are committed to create unique and reusable (wherever possible) products/gifts for you and your loved ones. We assure you that all our items are made with love as all of them are hand-lettered and designed from scratch. Hence, each item is very much personalised. 

We are truly grateful for all of your support since 2018 and we hope to bring you more personalised products for you and your loved ones.

We hope to continue to play a part in adding value into your relationships with your loved ones by value-adding your gifts for them. It’s always the thought that counts!


// giving the "perfect unique gift" //

Whenever we look for a gift, we would love to buy the gift that will be of good use and unique.
(And also trying our best to imagine how the gift will fit them... :P)

Because of that, one of the intention for creating Kaceique is hoping that whoever receives the product from us will feel loved and special.


// turning passion into work //

We are sure you have heard of the famous quote:

Do what you love;
Love what you do.



Most of us have been searching for our passion in our lives, aiming to live up to the quote. The journey is deffo not an easy one as there are many who gave up during the search. It took me almost 7 years to finally found my passion.

Now, we hope to turn our passion into work. We wouldn't be able to make it without you all and we’re truly grateful for all of your kind support!

Thank you for joining the journey in growing Kaceique and making it a success!