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A simple yet elegant earrings for any occasion. Rose Quartz and Freshwater Pearls - a perfect combination altogether. 100% handmade with love while putting the pieces all together 💕

Rose Quartz [Heart-shaped Tumbled]

- Represents unconditional love, joy and emotional healing
- A stone of both giving and receiving love
- Helps to heal relationship problems, brings love, compassion and kindness into the situation
- Boosts peace, calm and self-love
- Also known as the stone for healing

Freshwater Pearl

- Represents wisdom, purity, beauty and generosity
- Brings good luck and calmness
- Aids in balancing karma and strengthening relationships
- Helps to connect with your heart chakra and Third Eye Chakra

Material used: S925 14K gold plated copper & Alloy

- Every gemstone / crystal is unique and of different veins and patterns in it
- Due to drilling of hole into the Rose Quartz, there may be signs of cracks in the rose quartz due to the heat occurred while drilling

- Every piece is 100% handmade with love, hence, no piece is the same
- If a particular piece attracts you, it’s meant for you :)