KACESORY - Mermaid’s Teardrop Bookmark

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Added with blue sprinkles, this bookmark looks like a drop of Mermaid’s tear. This bookmark is perfect for any size and long enough for any big books that you have - a handy yet beautiful piece to refer back to where you stopped and bring out with you to your favourite cafe.

Aquamarine [RAW]

- Represents health, hope, good luck, openness and communication
- Brings good luck and health
- Protects wearer when travel near water, over water or by water
- Aids in clear communication from the heart

Clear Quartz [Bits]

- Represents cleansing, positivity, clarity and psychic abilities
- Absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and draws off negativity
- Acts as deep soul cleanser, great for cleansing crystals and room
- Aids in concentration and boost memory
- Strengthen immune system and brings body and soul into balance

Material used: Alloy & Resin

- Every gemstone / crystal is unique and of different shapes and forms
- Every piece is 100% handmade with love, hence, no piece is the same
- If a particular piece attracts you, it’s meant for you :)